1. "alter space" is a visual manifestation of an intellectual distinction - the distinction between sight and image. "alter space" is a great-grandchild of Rene Magrittes " Ceci n est pas une pipe". An image of a street contains no street - you can see the difference when the image is installed in the street itself.


2. Manifestation of an idea in real objects not only transfers this idea to the observer. Esp. "alter space" is more than an expression of its concept, "alter space" has some aspects which may be called magic or ritual. The artist sets his mark on the place an makes it his own. This mark is no sprayer tag and no signature of an artist but signature of the place itself.


3. "alter space" is a method for altering spaces and saleable like any other production method. The products of "alter space" are not saleable, they are tied to the location. "alter space" as a piece of art can not be exhibited at a gallery, exept this gallery becomes an "altered space".


Kunstverein (January 2004)
Philturm (Summer 2002)
Gärtnerstr./Hoheluftchaussee (November/December 2001)
CCH (October 2001)
Gärtnerstr. (July 2001)